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Back pain can range from a mild and constant pain to sudden sharp stitches that hinder movement. The pain can arise suddenly, with a fall or when lifting something heavy, bad posture when sitting, etc. It can also get worse little by little. To prevent this evil we have the solution with the Morlan Investor.
Do you suffer from neck, shoulder, cervical, lumbar, sciatica, hernia, stress, varicose or near-spine pain?
Benefits of its use:
Removes back pain
Reduces stress
Stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation.
Provides greater oxygen to the brain
Reduces the effects of aging caused by gravity
Improves flexibility and stylizes the figure.
Stimulates growth in children and youth, adults recover their height.
Unpack discs and align vertebrae.

DEMONSTRATION AND SALE: Jr Mogaburos 148-B, Jesus Maria en Frente​ DEL Hospital del NIÑO

Hours: 9:30 am to 1:00 pm and Afternoon 3:30 am to 7:00 pm
From Monday to Saturday (Telf: 4330934)
INFORMATION AND SHIPMENTS TO Tel: (01) 536 2421; Cel: 995857228


Jesus Maria, Lima, Peru
Jr. Mogaburos 148-B, Jesus Maria


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